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A Chilling Tale: Email Data & Vendors Gone Wrong

Oct 20, 2021   |   2 min read

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shutterstock_1089425906 (1)Forget about zombies, aliens or vampires. A bigger danger is much closer at hand and can haunt you for years to come: the unspeakable tragedy of handing your precious email data to the wrong vendor.

We understand how easy it is to be led astray by boogeymen who lurk in the shadows and offer a tantalizing list of services for free or low cost.

The vendor who offers to clean and validate your email data for free could end up performing horrific experiments on the data your customers have entrusted to –

Wait! What was that eerie sound? A neighbor’s dog howling?

No! It’s the call of the werewolf offering you a wide range of fancy-sounding services for a low, low cost. It’s tempting, but beware: You could end up sacrificing quality and reliability and set up yourself, your marketing program, even your company, for trouble for years to come.

How to tell if you’re dealing with Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde

Use our master checklist of questions to ask about your potential email data partners. Think of it as virtual sunshine – and we all know how much scary things hate the light of day.

1. Reputation and trust

2. Guarantees and assurances

This is important because you should never pay to have your email data cleaned without a promise that the output will be useful to your company. If you are paying for enhancements to your database, such as email and postal appends, you need assurances that your new data is clean and accurate.

3. Security

4. Capabilities and partnerships

What does the data-cleaning service promise to troubleshoot? Even a vampire with a spreadsheet can spot malformed addresses with “” in them.

Don’t get tricked by shady email data cleansing vendors

You have many options for cleaning, updating and enhancing your email data. Some have long track records of reputable service. Others do not. A little vigilance ahead of time work better that a crucifix or garlic necklace to keep the creepy-crawlies far, far away.

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