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Email Append Services: 5 Questions to Distinguish Good from Bad

Mar 27, 2013   |   1 min read

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email append bad eggThe United States Postal Service’s February announcement that it might stop delivering mail on Saturdays beginning in August has provoked many marketers to shift to email marketing as their primary channel.

A whopping 77 percent of U.S. online consumers prefer receiving permission-based marketing messages via email, according to ExactTarget’s 2012 Channel Preference Survey. What some marketers don’t know is how quick and easy it is to build an email list from a postal database. Email append, a service that uses customers’ names and postal address to append accurate, deliverable email addresses to customer data, can grow your email list quickly and easily, maximizing results.

While most email append providers are reputable, some bad eggs can slip through. So how do you distinguish the good from the bad? Here are a few questions to ask:

By asking these questions, your company can select the right email append provider to help boost sales and reduce costs by marketing to current customers through email. To get your free email append match test from TowerData, click here.

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