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Achieving One-on-One: The 3 Stages of Personalization [Infographic]

May 7, 2015   |   0 min read

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personalizationYour customers expect a personalized marketing experience. They expect you to present them with offers and content most relevant to their needs, and in a manner that makes sense for their lifestyle. However, while all the data you need to build these sorts of highly engaging, targeted and individualized campaigns is within reach, many companies still fail to make the most of personalization.

The truth of the matter is, personalization doesn’t have to be complicated. Getting beyond the first stage is crucial to achieving success, and data can help you get there.

The Continuum of Personalization

Although it’s only recently become one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry, personalization is not a new concept. For decades, marketers have worked to better understand their customers and improve targeting. However, while marketers once relied solely on research and educated assumptions, marketers today can easily access the data they need to make an impact.

Our latest infographic explores the three stages of personalization, and why working toward one-to-one marketing will make the biggest impact for your brand.

3 stages of personalization

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