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60 Ways Personalization is Changing Marketing

Jun 7, 2011   |   1 min read

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With so much talk centered on personalization lately, it’s hard not to notice how much personalization surfaces in our daily lives. It is a proven fact that when you receive an email that has your name on it, you feel more attached and certainly more special then with a generic email. A gift personalized with your initials is more thoughtful than the generic product alone. Better yet, you did not have to tell that website what you wanted or what you were interested in; it just knows. That’s Personalization.

Personalization is forever changing the ways we interact with brands and services. As web content matures and multiplies, sites need more and more sophisticated methods of showcasing relevant content to their users. When used correctly, it’s an extremely effective tool for consumer marketing, building customer loyalty, improving merchandising and generally enhancing the overall customer experience.

As a company, you can use personalization to give customers a great experience, such as Amazon, who provides a great recommendation system to shoppers. As an individual, the result of personalization will get you excited to open your daily deal email every morning, because you know it’s something you’re likely to consider purchasing.

Check out ’60 Ways Personalization is Changing Marketing’ to see how else personalization is playing a crucial role in customer loyalty and brand management today.

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