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3 Grinch Approved Emails for the Holidays

Dec 1, 2022   |   2 min read

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It’s finally December and you know what that means… it’s officially and socially acceptable to listen to your holiday playlist on Spotify! While this is obviously one of the most exciting things about December, this time of year also means that holiday email campaigns are in full swing. ‘Tis the season for giving (aka spending!)

We all know that the holiday season is the busiest time of year and your inbox is certainly no different. Since your customers are receiving tons of emails every day from marketers pushing holiday themed-promotions, it is important that your message stands out from the crowd. One sure way to accomplish this is by using design trends, like CTA (call-to-action) buttons and animated GIFs, in your emails.

I’ve rounded up three emails for the holidays that feature design trends so merry and bright, even the Grinch would approve. Check them out below and let us know @AtData what your favorite design trends for the holidays are.

Merry e-marketing!

1. Company: J. Franklin Styer Nurseries (Terrian)
Subject line: Our ornament shop is stocked.


Terrian has some of the best emails I’ve seen thus far this holiday season. All of their holiday emails are beautifully designed, but this one especially catches our eye. The email features a subtle animated GIF, a consistent and clean color palette, and CTA buttons. The large imagery in the design is not only holly and jolly, it’s functional too. The images serve as links to their website, making it easy for the recipient to tap and buy. In addition, mobile optimized social buttons also make it easy for the recipient to share and interact.

2. Company: Vineyard Vines
Subject line: Layer up and go get that holiday tree!


If you’ve read any of our other email design blog posts, it is no surprise to see that a Vineyard Vines email made it onto this list. Vineyard Vines always uses simple, attractive designs and this email is no different. The company uses their seasonal merchandise to incorporate holiday imagery, like Santa hats and candy canes, without going overboard. They also use a color palette with nontraditional holiday colors to balance out the festive reds and greens. As it’s the season of giving, the bottom of the email features a charity the company is promoting to support men’s health. By supporting the cause, you can look good and feel good too.

3. Company: H&M
Subject line: H&M Home: A stylish holiday at home


If you love GIFs as much as we do, you’ll really appreciate this holiday email from H&M. H&M loaded their campaign with lots of animated GIFs to really make the email pop. The ornaments, storage box, cushion cover, hooded blanket, and iPhone are all animated while still being subtle enough that they don’t overpower the design. It was a great idea to link H&M’s Instagram page to the bottom of their email through large imagery. With more than 400 million active users, Instagram is the fastest growing social network resulting in more company advertising and increased revenue.

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