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Over 1.4 billion
Name, Postal, Email Records

Over 2 billion
Device ID to Email Pairs

Over 2.1 billion
Active Cookies to Email Pairs

Over 2 billion
Monthly Email Signals

Identify the most active and deliverable postal address and email address for an individual.

Over 250 million adults in the United States with multiple emails tied to various postal addresses results in over 1 billion combinations of emails and postal addresses. By NCOA’ing our postal addresses and validating our emails, we can identify current email and postal matches to filter out any invalid records.

Acquire permission-based data compiled by our trusted partner network.

Our partners receive a name, postal and email address as part of their registration process. Data submitted through web forms, surveys, subscription databases, sweepstakes, etc. are recorded with a time-stamp, IP address, and the original source.

Update database with email and web signals

We continually aggregate the history, behavior and linking of email data to generate an ever-expanding database of over 2 billion email activity signals monthly, encompassing 360 million unique emails and 4 million unique domains.

Multi-source data from top-tier aggregators, the census, online behavioral and online purchase intent triggers.

We collect billions of data points to provide customers with valuable demographic and household data on 80% of all US emails.

Sort, normalize, filter and connect the dots across individual identities to build an accurate picture of the people behind their email addresses.

Leveraging AtData’s identity graph, we use advanced algorithms and machine learning to package data points and match them to the appropriate email address, postal address, cookie or mobile advertising ID. We only match data to a point of contact when we are at least 90% confident about the association.

Safely store the data and ensure the highest levels of service availability.

We check and rebuild our database, storing the refined data in our cloud-based, fault-tolerant, distributed key-value store. In other words, our database is incredibly secure, fast and reliable.

Increase opportunities for onboarding data to expand reach and drive omni-channel insights, communication, and engagement.

Once we have normalized and organized the data, we build identity products to help clients break into new channels. With these increased opportunities, our clients can expand their reach into social networks and automated direct mail.

Customize your preferred match results and recommend the best approach for your business.

Our massive historical database is complex and provides options for most current or multiple matched data fields. Enjoy white gloved treatment as our team helps you customize your data with results that best fit your needs.

Serve results back via real-time API, batch processing or connections with our technology partners.

When we receive a query with an email or postal address, our system looks up the record in our database and returns the requested data fields in under 100 milliseconds, faster than it takes to load a web page. Our service is ISO 27001 and SOC2 certified, so your data is processed safely and securely.

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