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TowerData Acquires Rapleaf, Forges Comprehensive Email Data Solutions Company

Oct 1, 2013   |   2 min read

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NEW YORK, NY — (Oct 1, 2013) — TowerData is pleased to announce it has acquired Rapleaf, a Chicago-based email data company that helps marketers increase response rates by providing the demographic and lifestyle data needed to personalize content for customers.

Established in 2001, TowerData is a leading provider of email data services, specializing in email validation and email append solutions. Earlier this year, TowerData added email intelligence—which provides information about the identity and behavior of the individual who owns an email address—to its repertoire of services. While developing the service, the company recognized Rapleaf’s industry-leading real-time data match rates: 80% for U.S. emails.

“TowerData takes a comprehensive approach to email addresses starting with obtaining them, determining if they are valid and then providing intelligence about who are the people behind the addresses,” TowerData CEO Tom Burke says. “Acquiring Rapleaf instantly propels us to the forefront of email address intelligence, enabling us to meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality insights tied to email addresses.”

“It’s peanut butter and jelly—from a product perspective, from a talent perspective and from a customer perspective,” Rapleaf CEO Phil Davis says. “Our individual company strengths will be leveraged to provide a complete email data solution to our collective clients.”

Customers of TowerData or Rapleaf should not notice a change in service as the two companies join forces; however, they can anticipate added value in the months to follow:

All Rapleaf and TowerData staff and offices will be retained, and the combined companies will be hiring to accelerate growth.

The Rapleaf brand will be retired under the TowerData name within a year, and the companies’ social media profiles and blogs will be consolidated over time. “We’re still going to be offering the same valuable information on TowerData social media channels as before, but we’ll also adopt some of the voice and passion Rapleaf is known for,” Burke says. “It’s going to be fun.”

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About Rapleaf

With real-time data on 80% of U.S. email addresses, Rapleaf makes it incredibly easy for marketers to access the data they need to personalize content for their customers. We’re consumers too, and we love it when marketing messages are relevant to us. We give marketers the necessary data to keep their emails relevant and their users engaged.

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