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Citrix Systems Saves over $100,000 Using E-mail Addresses Appended by TowerData

Dec 8, 2005   |   2 min read

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Through TowerData’s business-to-business e-mail append service, Citrix now reaches 98% of customers via e-mail.

New York, NY – December 08, 2005 – TowerData, a leading provider of e-mail and database marketing solutions, today announced that Citrix Systems Inc., the global leader in access infrastructure solutions, appended 98% of its customer database with e-mail addresses by engaging TowerData’s business-to-business e-mail append service, and as a result, saved over $100,000 in direct mail costs.

Citrix System’s marketing communications organization has historically relied primarily on direct mail, but with more than 160,000 organizations around the world using its information access solutions, the company wanted to use e-mail to increase the frequency of communications with its customers and decrease direct mail costs. For various reasons, many contacts in the Citrix database did not have e-mail addresses or had incorrect addresses — when it came to e-mail campaigns, those records were useless.

“It was imperative that we append business e-mail addresses to our customer lists,” said Michelle Alterio, eMarketing and Systems Analyst, Citrix Systems. “We needed to gain better insight into the status of contacts in our database before we could effectively plan communication strategies.”

Citrix chose TowerData’s business-to-business e-mail append service because it is permission-based and cost-effective. After three cycles of appending over a period of nine months, 98% of Citrix’s viable contacts’ e-mail addresses were found by TowerData.

TowerData’s business-to-business e-mail append service enhances an existing customer database with e-mail addresses. Leveraging TowerData’s consumer database of over 90 million permissioned e-mail addresses, the business-to-business append process uses specially developed algorithms and techniques to derive and confirm an e-mail address at a business.

Citrix carefully reviewed the append process before choosing to proceed. “Maintaining the trust of our customer base is our highest priority,” said Ms. Alterio. “TowerData time and again demonstrates its expertise and focus on customer service. We would not have moved forward with e-mail appending if we weren’t confident that our clients were in good hands with TowerData – when it comes to brand image, there’s just too much at stake.”

“E-mail marketing to businesses has tremendous power,” said Tom Burke, President of TowerData. “It provides significant cost savings as a marketing channel, it is becoming the preferred communication method for many business professionals, and it provides marketers with the ability to be timely and relevant on a one-to-one basis.”

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