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AtData Selected as a Finalist in FinTech Futures’ Banking Tech Awards

Apr 17, 2024   |   1 min read

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Email Address intelligence Provider Recognized Among the Leading ‘Tech of The Future – Digital Trust’ Providers

Dedham, MA – AtData, a leading innovator in email address intelligence, data security and digital trust solutions, today announced the company has been named a finalist in the FinTech Futures’ Banking Tech Awards USA 2024. This prestigious award program recognizes AtData’s commitment to safeguarding digital assets and promoting trust in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

The FinTech Futures’ Banking Tech Awards USA celebrates the most innovative and transformative technology solutions driving the financial services industry forward.

“We are honored to be named a finalist in the Fintech Futures’ Banking Tech Awards as it validates our forward-looking approach to digital trust and advancing the identity and intelligence of email addresses,” said Tom Burke, CEO of AtData. “This recognition reflects our team’s development of market-leading solutions that empower financial institutions and businesses to navigate the complexities of digital identity with confidence.”

AtData’s state-of-the-art approach to digital identity and risk provides comprehensive protection against email-based identity fraud and ensures the integrity of critical data assets. By delivering robust data solutions tailored to the needs of the financial industry, AtData helps organizations mitigate risk and build trust in an increasingly interconnected digital ecosystem.

“Data identity – and specifically email – is the cornerstone of every successful digital financial transaction,” added Diarmuid Thoma, AtData’s VP of Fraud & Data Strategy. “We are committed to equipping financial services’ decision makers with the tools and technologies they need to foster data integrity in an ever-changing digital landscape.”

The winners of the 2024 Bank Tech Awards USA will be announced May 30.

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