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Darwinium and AtData Setting New Standards in Fraud Prevention

Jan 16, 2024   |   1 min read

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Darwinium, a pioneer in next-gen digital security and fraud prevention, recently announced its collaboration with AtData, known for our expertise in email address intelligence. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in the fight against digital fraud, blending Darwinium’s advanced profiling technology with AtData’s deep insights into email addresses. It’s like having a high-powered lens that sees an email address while also understanding the narrative behind it, offering a comprehensive view of potential risks.

In a time when fraudsters are using AI more cleverly for advanced attacks, this collaboration marks a significant shift. Darwinium’s Evolution Ecosystem, enriched with AtData’s intelligence, promises a unique level of visibility and security throughout the customer journey.

Jim Seymour of Darwinium highlights the importance of real-time, premium intelligence in combating fraud, saying, “With increasingly complex AI-powered attacks, having the very best combination of intelligence in real-time is essential. By working with AtData, we can further enhance the decisions we drive with our customers.”

Phil Davis from AtData echoed this sentiment, stating, “We are proud to partner with Darwinium, a company that mirrors our commitment to customer service and anti-fraud initiatives. Integrating AtData’s specialized email intelligence, we’re able to improve the accuracy of our effortless risk assessments, which benefits our mutual customer base.”

The Darwinium + AtData collaboration marks a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation in digital security. We are excited and eager to witness how this partnership will influence the approach to fraud prevention and customer protection. This alliance is set to create new benchmarks in the industry to ensure that businesses and their customers remain safe in the digital world.

For a better understanding of this partnership and its implications for the future of digital security, read the full press release here. To discover more about staying informed and safeguarded, explore Darwinium’s innovative approach at Additionally, for insights into how AtData’s email address intelligence helps prevent fraud, read more about our fraud prevention solution.

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