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AtData Enters Strategic Partnership with Spec!

May 1, 2023   |   2 min read

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Dedham, MA (May 1, 2023) – AtData, The Email Address Experts®, announced it has entered a strategic partnership with Spec, a no-code platform that enables its clients to orchestrate fraud defenses without needing engineering resources.

AtData provides Spec’s customers with access to the most trusted email-centric fraud solution in the industry based on over 20 years of historical data, enabling businesses to identify malicious users hiding behind an email address. Spec’s clients can us AtData to identify good and bad consumer behavior at the point of account creation, point of sale, and during account management, which helps them to prevent fraud downstream, alleviate transactional fraud, and detect account take-overs.

“AtData is thrilled to be partnering with Spec. Spec has built an incredibly powerful platform to fight fraud, and we have the dataset to help fuel it. Clients can put in their desired fraud detection processes at any point in the customer journey without a line of code. It’s a win/win scenario for digital trust and safety teams everywhere.” — Phil Davis, Chief Business Officer, AtData

AtData aims to help Spec in its mission to empower businesses to outpace fraudsters and reward their users with instant trust. Customers using AtData, within Spec’s Trust Cloud, will have immediate access to AtData’s email address intelligence data to bolster their fraud and risk assessments.

“We’re excited to connect to AtData’s email address intelligence database for our customers. Cybercrime threats are constantly evolving, and the email address can be a critical component in identifying them. Being able to incorporate AtData enables our customers to determine if an email address is dangerous in a matter of seconds, which enables our clients to learn fast, act fast, and win fast.” — Patrick Chen, Co-Founder & COO, Spec

About AtData
AtData, the Email Address Experts, is the leader in email address intelligence with the most accurate, comprehensive, and privacy compliant email-centric data solutions. Powered by 1.5 billion historical email and postal addresses and billions of monthly activity signals, we not only validate and verify our customers’ first-party data, but we also enable those organizations to develop actionable customer profiles and assess risk resulting in an increase in customer engagement, sales, and customer retention. To learn more please visit:

About Spec
Located in San Jose, CA, Spec is the maker of the patented no-code Trust Cloud platform, which enables enterprises to gain visibility into their customer journeys, orchestrate and operationalize applications in their fraud stack, and take action when fraudulent activity occurs — all without the need for engineering resources. With analysis of the entire customer digital experience, Spec enables enterprises to spend $0 on development costs, increase operational efficiency, and reduce fraud by getting their preferred solutions integrated faster. To learn more, please visit:

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