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Field Description Possible Values
Age Age Range 18-­20; 21-­24; 25-­34; 35-­44; 45-­54; 55-­64; 65+
Gender Gender Male; Female
Zip Code 5 digit zipcode i.e.: 94105
First Name First Name First
Last Name Last Name Last


Field Description Possible Values
Household Income Income of the household by range. 0-­15k; 15k-­25k; 25k-­35k; 35k-­50k; 50k-­75k; 75k-­100k; 100k-150k; 150k-­175k; 175k-­200k; 200k-­250k; 250k+
Marital Status Marital Status Single; Married
Presence of Children Indicates whether there are 1 or more children in the household. Yes; No
Home Owner Status Whether the person owns or rents their home. Own; Rent
Home Market Value Market value of person’s home. In ranges of $25K and $50K increments. 1k-­25k; 25k-­50k; 50k-­75k; 75k-­100k; 100k-­150k; 150k-­200k; 200k-­250k; 250k-­300k; 300k-­350k; 350k-­500k; 500k-­1mm; 1mm+
Length of Residence Number of years spent in the current residence. Reported as number; not range. Less than 1 year; 1 year; 2 years; 3 years; 4 years; 5 years; 6 years; 7 years; 8 years; 9 years; 10 years; 11-­15 years; 16 -­19 years; 20+ years
Net Worth The approximate net worth of the household. 0-5k; 5k-10k; 10k-25k; 25k-50k; 50k-100k;100k-250k, 250k-500k; 500k-1mm;1mm+
Occupation Occupation Blue Collar Worker; Business Owner; Civil Service; Technology; Executive/Upper Management; Health Services; Homemaker; Middle Management; Military Personnel; Nurse; Part Time; Professional; Retired; Secretary; Student; Teacher; White Collar Worker
Education Level of education completed. Completed High School; AttendedCollege; Completed College; Completed Graduate School; AttendedVocational/Technical


Field Description Possible Values
Life Stage Segment 70 life-stage based household-level consumer segments contextualized by various consumer demographic and behavioral segments. Please contact us for a full list of possible values.
Life Stage Group 21 higher level aggregate life stage groups with similar characteristics to life stage segment based on behavior and demographic data.
Financial Segment 54 segments describing likely financial behavior
Financial Group 13 higher level aggregate financial groups that roll up financial segments with similar characteristics


Field Description Possible Values
Arts & Crafts Purchases Arts & Crafts Products True; (blank)
Books Purchases books; Interest in reading books True; (blank)
Business Interest in business True; (blank)
Healthy Interest in a healthy lifestyle; purchases healthy lifestyle products True; (blank)
News & Events Purchases subscriptions for news and current events. True; (blank)
Movies Interest in movies True; (blank)
Music Interest in music True; (blank)

Purchase Categories

Field Description Possible Values
Automotive Purchase Behavior: Automotive Goods True; (blank)
Charitable Donor Indicates likelihood of being a charitable donor True; (blank)
Cooking Purchases cooking magazines; interest in cooking True; (blank)
High End Brand Buyer Has bought a premium CPG brand in the past 18 months True; (blank)
Magazine Buyer Purchases magazines subscriptions True; (blank)
Travel Interest in travel True; (blank)
RFM Offline Average Days The average number of days between offline purchases for this household Actual Value
RFM Online Average Days The average number of days between offline purchases for this household Actual Value
RFM Average Dollars The average dollar amount the household spends per order Actual Value
RFM Last Order The date of the last order made by the household Date (formatted as YYYY-MM-DD)

Email Activity Signals

Field Description Possible Values
Month Last Open The month that AtData last detected an open by the email address. Date (formatted as YYYY-MM)

Quality Score

Field Description Possible Values
Quality Score Score each email address in your database using advanced machine learning to rapidly assess potential value to your business. 0 – 10
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