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Data-driven targeted messages results in a 13% increase in open rates

Mar 10, 2022   |   1 min read

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New York City-based Shubert Organization currently owns and operates 17 Broadway theaters, as well as Telecharge, its single-source solution for both Broadway and non-Broadway entertainment ticketing sales. These ticketing offerings include box office, telephone and internet sales as well as full-season, subscription and group options. While the organization earns a percentage of its revenue from ticket sales and co-production of shows, the larger portion of its income is derived from Broadway real estate.

The Challenge

Telecharge collects purchase data and email opt-ins, and sells production marketing agencies access to this data. Although the marketing agencies never actually take possession of the data, Telecharge sends messages to its database on behalf of production marketers. The company sought to create more targeted campaigns.

“The relationship with AtData has been nothing but positive. They’ve made sharing data so streamlined, simple and seamless.”
— Elizabeth Galietto, Email Marketing Manager at The Shubert Company


Utilizing AtData’s Email Intelligence service, Telecharge was able to segment its list based on purchase history and geographic location, send targeted messages to ensure a positive first impression of the Telecharge brand, personalize messages to suit customers’ specific needs, increase social reach and prevent inbox over-saturation.


Using the AtData Email Intelligence service, Telecharge was able to meet its primary goal of increasing customer engagement and has already experienced greater customer retention. The new data offers Telecharge better insight into its audience and, by applying this data, a more memorable experience for customers.

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