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Client open rate doubles with AtData’s Email Activity Signals

Mar 9, 2022   |   1 min read

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Advocacy Data, a political data agency, takes pride in providing quality voter, demographic and email data to its clients. These clients include nonprofits, political campaigns and Congressional offices.

The Challenge

Advocacy Data needed to ensure that the emails it provided to its clients were active users, not abandoned or fake accounts. By honing in on active email users, Advocacy Data’s clients could improve ROI and protect their email sender reputation. Sending to toxic email addresses or spam traps affects inbox placement.


Advocacy Data used AtData’s Email Activity Signals to help its clients pinpoint subscribers who have recently opened a commercial email. Advocacy Data’s clients could engage subscribers with less risk to their sender reputation and improve ROI.

AtData’s Email Activity Signals provides the last known month and year that a user opened a commercial email. Sourced from a trusted and secure partner network, AtData’s proprietary data assets include more than 200 million known email opens.

By understanding an email’s last known activity, marketers can:


By targeting users who are active in the inbox, Advocacy Data doubled its clients’ open rate and click-through rate.

Marketing emails sent to regular subscribers, without open data, had an open rate of 3.03% and click-through rate of 0.59%. Emails sent to a list segmented by active users had an open rate of 6.08% and click-through rate of 1.07%.

Country Club Prep, an Atlanta-based eCommerce retailer, partnered with Springbot in order to create a scalable process to effectively and efficiently track revenue generated from online marketing efforts. Results? Their site traffic increased by an astounding 912 percent after leveraging their data to create more tactical results-driven marketing campaigns.

After transitioning their online store and launching with Magento in January, Amagi Metals needed a way to encourage prospects to complete their online purchases. To reclaim this lost revenue, Springbot suggested automating the process for cart abandonment retargeting by starting with an email sent three hours after abandonment. The campaign saw an ROI of 2,230 percent with 51 percent of overall site revenue attributed to abandoned cart email campaign.

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