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Your Email Bounced: Now What? Update Your List with Email Hygiene

Nov 15, 2019   |   1 min read

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Marketing managers, how often have you found yourself inundated with bounced emails after launching your latest email marketing effort? The statistics on bounce rates are daunting: The average email list has a 10.5% bounce rate. Emails frequently bounce due to misspellings, typos and the fast rate of email address changes (30 percent per year).

Bouncing email addresses lead to reduced response rates, lost sales opportunities and increased costs, but removing them also means a significant reduction in your list size. So what are you to do?

Instead of removing dead email addresses from your list, replace them with current email addresses for your subscribers. This process is called email hygiene and can be attained by partnering with email marketing specialists who can help you validate, clean and enhance your customer data.

Prevent List Decay with Proper Email Hygiene

Email hygiene services, which expand upon email validation to include email correction and email change of address (ECOA), not only reduce your bounce rate but also help to maintain the size of your list by:

Email hygiene is one of many services that can take your email marketing to the next level by improving your deliverability, increasing the number of customers you can reach and enabling you to send more targeted, relevant messages.

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