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Why You Should Make Email Intelligence Part of Your Holiday Email Marketing Prep

Oct 7, 2022   |   4 min read

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As the holiday season approaches, the volume of email communications grows. This increase in frequency means your audience’s inboxes will soon become inundated with messages from competing brands, making it more challenging for your emails to stand out.

Fortunately, even when buyers’ inboxes are brimming with seasonal communications, they’re still clicking and opening these emails – especially if an offer is relevant and enticing. Shoppers seek convenient, meaningful experiences, and if you can deliver them, you’ll be rewarded with higher engagement and year-round loyalty.

One way to ensure your holiday email campaigns consistently hit their targets is by leveraging the right data. Here are three reasons you should use email intelligence to support your holiday email marketing prep:

You Can Send More Relevant and Timely Messages

Today, relevance is everything. If buyers don’t feel that an offer is immediately advantageous, they’ll move on. That’s why it’s vital you tailor your messages to each buyer’s unique wants, needs, and behaviors.

In fact, if you’re not using personalization, you’ll be lucky to engage much of your list at all. According to data from SmarterHQ, a whopping 72% of customers will only engage with messaging if it’s personalized. And this is especially true during the hectic holiday season when shoppers’ attention is scattered.

Email intelligence aggregates shoppers’ search behavior and online browsing data across 175 million product listings and 10,000 stores, then ties it to email addresses and demographic data. As a result, you’ll have insight into what your customers want right now. You can even receive a notification if someone is shopping for a product you offer so that you can send a triggered email with a promotional message.

By connecting with contacts at the right time, with the right message and the right product, you’ll increase the odds of earning their business. Plus, by helping to make their shopping experience easier, you’ll also earn their loyalty.

For example, Home Depot sent this email after data showed a customer was searching for new flooring and other products for an upcoming home renovation:
The Home Depot
As the holidays approach, using behavioral data might look like an email full of decor products, and, during the holidays, you might focus on products for gifting and hosting. Whatever the case, leveraging recent search data is one of the best ways to ensure your offers will meet shoppers’ needs.

It Will Help You Compete with E-Commerce Giants

E-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart set the standard by which consumers judge all other online experiences. And while few retailers have the budget or resources of these massive companies, you still have to compete with them.

For small-to-medium-sized businesses, delivering an experience on par with the e-commerce Goliaths can feel nearly impossible. After all, those brands have access to in-house data mining and marketing teams larger than some companies’ entire organizations. How can anyone else possibly engage audiences enough to win out against these behemoths?

Yet, it happens all the time. All you need is access to the right information.

Today, Email Intelligence is leveling the playing field by giving SMBs access to third-party consumer data. This allows companies of all sizes to personalize across channels and use demographic, household, and purchase data to tailor offers and messaging. So while you may not have the funds of an Amazon marketing team, you can still play in the same league and even beat them.

In other words, making Email Intelligence a part of your holiday email marketing prep will help ensure you have the insights necessary to compete against the world’s largest brands.

Supports Cross-Platform Engagement So You Stay Top-of-Mind All Season

To say people are busy and distracted these days is a gross understatement. Thanks to our ever-increasing reliance on digital mediums to manage every facet of our lives, we spend much of our waking hours online.

And that time can’t be neatly boxed into “work,” “play,” or “shopping” because many of us are working remotely and multitasking all day long. At any given moment, a consumer might be toggling between Facebook, their email inbox, and a video call while also comparing prices between retailers for a product they want.

With so much happening at once, how can you ensure your audience is thinking of your brand when it comes time to buy?

The best strategy for staying top-of-mind is ensuring you’re following buyers across platforms. Email Intelligence helps e-commerce brands find alternate points of contact, like social media profiles and postal addresses, so that you can connect with buyers beyond their inboxes. In addition to your emails, you can leverage social media ads and personalized “snail mail” to reach shoppers with messages they might have missed or forgotten.

As you switch gears to focus on holiday email marketing prep, consider how Email Intelligence can help you gather the data and insights you need to boost engagement and take home a bigger slice of the Q4 retail pie. By using the right data, you can send more relevant offers, improve omnichannel messages, and hold your own against e-commerce giants.

Want to learn how, quickly and easily, Email Intelligence can fuel your campaigns this holiday season? Contact us today!

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