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Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Sending Too Much Email

May 14, 2014   |   2 min read

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send more emailMarketers are often concerned about sending too many emails to subscribers. It’s understandable; email fatigue can become a real problem if the causes aren’t understood and appropriate actions aren’t taken. However, when email marketing is done the right way, marketers can shoot themselves in the foot by holding back on sending email.

Here, we explore five reasons you should send more email starting now.

1. Email remains the No. 1 medium preferred by consumers for branded communications.

Email is a communication tool on your readers’ terms and not yours, which they like. No one wants an out-of-the-blue phone call. Email allows readers to consume your message when they want and do with it what they will.

2. Connecting with buyers takes multiple touches before they will take action.

Emails-and attention spans-have a short shelf life. Just because a lead deletes your first, second, third or fourth email attempt doesn’t mean she isn’t interested. It can take a number of emails before one gets opened. It could take a few more after that before the desired action or conversion occurs. In all, it can take up to 13 touches to qualify a lead for sales. If you’re only touching this person once a quarter, it’s going to take you a very long time to nurture her through the sales cycle. Try again soon to catch her when she’s ready.

3. Sending more email helps you send smarter email.

Your subscribers and customers are likely receiving multiple emails from you over the course of a few weeks or months, so why not take a step back and determine how you can make all of those touches work smarter and in concert with one another. Opportunities exist in transactional emails, news emails, lead nurturing emails and customer service emails for cross selling, sales qualifying or further nurturing.

4. You have the technology.

Email marketing platforms and marketing automation software have made it incredibly easy to send more email without creating more work for yourself. Email campaigns can be built to automatically deploy based on a predetermined schedule or triggered by customer behavior, profile criteria or lead score.

5. You have the data to send smart emails hyper-targeted to every individual on your list.

If you’re sending generic messages to your entire list, you should be worried about sending too many emails. Getting too many irrelevant messages would irritate anyone. Use customer data to send clever brand communications that entertain, inspire and cater directly to your subscribers’ unique needs and personality.

If you don’t have the data you need for this type of personalization, check out what an Email Intelligence service can do for you.

Don’t let that next customer get away because you’re not communicating as well or as often as you could. Check out our latest ebook to learn more about using technology and customer data to create better emails that you can send more frequently.

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