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What is Email Retargeting and Why Should You Use It?

Jul 14, 2020   |   3 min read

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Getting quality traffic to the right pages can feel like a monumental achievement, but with a staggering 95% of website traffic either not converting or remaining anonymous, how can you maximize your advertising spend? One way to do so is by turning anonymous visitors into potential leads with Email Retargeting!

What is Email Retargeting?

In short, Email Retargeting is an incremental acquisition channel that identifies anonymous website visitors and allows brands to send them personalized emails. The definition is short and sweet, but what are some of the finer details that make it a good investment for your brand?

Why use Email Retargeting?

There are three key benefits to Email Retargeting:

Identifying anonymous prospects with Email Retargeting is a major win for many brands, given that over ¾ of web traffic typically remains anonymous. It’s like putting a name to a face, but for brands and their customers – it helps brands understand who is visiting their website and better tailor their advertising, social media, and webpages for their key demographics.

Adding the ability to connect website behavior to an identity, brands then have the advantage of knowing not only who is visiting their website but how the individual interacts with the digital space. With insights into the individual’s website activity (the pages they viewed, products they browsed, or what they left in their cart), brands can send more relevant re-engagement offers or timely reminders that the item(s) in their cart won’t be there for long.

This leads to optimized cross-channel content that resonates with individuals, causing them to further interact with the brand, provide additional behavioral and demographic information, and become customers.But don’t just take our word for it – we’ve got some stats from real clients across a variety of industries, just for you.

Real Email Retargeting success stories

81x ROI for an online fragrance retailer

Accurate attribution for email marketing is tough enough, but when you lack key insights into 95% of your web traffic, sending a personalized re-engagement offer becomes almost impossible. When a digital fragrance retailer implemented Email Retargeting, it saw email marketing ROI increase 81x!

Over 7500 email prospects identified for an online eyewear retailer

For high-volume traffic websites, that 95% anonymous website visitor pool is swimming with valuable prospects waiting to become customers. That said, it takes more than just a creative subject line and snappy CTA to get the job done. With this in mind, a digital eyewear retailer invested in Email Retargeting to begin identifying its large segment of anonymous website visitors, resulting in over 7500 new prospects to effectively market to.

29% open rate for a travel agency

As email marketers, we’ve always been told the golden open rate is 20% or more. For those in the travel industry, it can be difficult to reach this number for a variety of reasons (off seasons, economic downturn, or even a pandemic). To bolster its open rates and encourage more website visitors to book adventures of a lifetime, a travel agency client took the opportunity to implement Email Retargeting and saw 29% open rates on average.

It’s time to invest in Email Retargeting

No matter what industry your business is in, there’s no doubt about the value Email Retargeting brings to your email marketing program. By understanding not only who is visiting your website but also how they interact with the pages and products, you have the ability to generate highly targeted messaging that converts anonymous prospects into brand loyal customers.

Interested in getting started with Email Retargeting? Let our team know and we can set you up with an email match test!


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