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We’re in Love! (With These Valentine’s Day Emails)

Jan 31, 2023   |   2 min read

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with consumers projected to spend over $25 billion (what!?) on flowers, candy, cards, jewelry and other specialty gifts, marketers are making sure that your inbox is heating up with their promotional emails.

Below are three Valentine’s Day emails that we especially ?. Did you receive any that made you swoon? Share them with us @AtData!

1. Gymboree
Subject Line: ? it! 30% OFF Valentine’s Day Looks


There are a few reasons why we appreciate this email from Gymboree. First, the adorable child models… so. much. cuteness. Next, Gymboree was able to create a Valentine’s Day theme by incorporating their merchandise (red heart sunglasses, pink skirt, etc.) into the design rather than filling the email with a bunch of cliché imagery like hearts, lips, and roses. Also, the email is mobile-optimized (as all emails should be in this day and age). Finally, Gymboree uses a heart emoticon in their subject line. The marketers at Gymboree clearly understand that emojis in subject lines are seriously trendy right now.

2. TOMS Shoes
Subject Line: Valentine’s Day gifts from the heart

TOMS ShoesWe really love this clean, simple email from TOMS. The design and color palette is so aesthetically pleasing and, like Gymboree, TOMS created this design by incorporating some of their own holiday merchandise. It was super clever to use a pair of canvas shoes for the “v” in “love,” too. In addition, TOMS displays clear CTA (call-to-action) buttons in the email which make it easy for the recipient to tap and buy. If you didn’t already know, TOMS practices their “One for One” movement. What better way to spread the love?

3. Birchbox
Subject Line: Send a Compliment, Make Someone’s Day

BirchboxWe received this Valentine’s Day email from Birchbox in our inbox last year and loved it so much, we had to bring it back again. Birchbox decided to take a whole different route when creating their campaign and I think they nailed it. Rather than persuade the recipient to purchase by offering discount codes and sales, Birchbox shows love to their customers and encourages them to do the same by sending a “compliment-o-gram” to “someone special.” That’s it, no purchase necessary. The selection of cards is pretty silly, but still a fun concept that’s sure to bring a smile to your recipient’s face.

AtData’s Email Intelligence

As the month of February approaches, the volume of Valentine’s Day email communications grows. This increase in frequency means your audience’s inboxes will soon become inundated with messages from competing brands, making it more challenging for your emails to stand out.

Fortunately, even when buyers’ inboxes are brimming with seasonal communications, they’re still clicking and opening these emails – especially if an offer is relevant and enticing. Shoppers seek convenient, meaningful experiences, and if you can deliver them, you’ll be rewarded with higher engagement and year-round loyalty.

One way to ensure your email campaigns consistently hit their targets is by leveraging the right data. AtData’s Email Intelligence helps marketers reach consumers with messages about the products they want when they are actively shopping for them. This data can also be used to segment your customer database and to personalize your marketing messages and increase engagement, response and sales.

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