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TowerData Boosts Its Real-Time Data Services with New API

Jan 26, 2012   |   1 min read

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With e-commerce booming, the demand for real-time data services is a red hot area.

Why so hot? With so many valuable leads coming directly to web sites, capturing those leads is imperative and impacts the bottom line.

Leads slip away when prospects visit a web site and enter incorrect contact information in forms on the site. Misspellings, typos, or false data prevent an organization from being able to contact the prospects and convert them to customers.

Real-time data services offer tremendous value to marketers by giving them a means to salvage leads, customers, and revenues that would otherwise be lost.

Real-time validation services enable you to correct bad information at the point of entry on your website and to confirm that the email addresses provided are accurate.

Real-time enhancement services allow you to add supplemental information to your customer records-including phone numbers, addresses, geographical information, and a rich assortment of demographical data such as age, marital status, occupation, education, and much more. This information enables you to better rank and target prospects to improve your marketing.

With a richer set of information about your prospects and customers, you will be able to win more business, serve customers better, persuade them to buy more products and services, and retain their loyalty.

The good news is that TowerData has made a significant leap ahead in the performance and breadth of our real-time data services by rewriting the services to use a new application program interface (API) and adding a host of new data types.

TowerData has been providing real-time data services since 2005, but the new generation of Internet programming technologies such as REST enables better integration capabilities and performance than was possible using the previous generation of technologies like SOAP.

By rewriting the TowerData real-time API, we have taken advantage of these advances in programming to achieve greater speed, scalability, and integration capability for our real-time data services.

With the online marketplace moving at warp speed, these advances come at the perfect time to give you a richer set of real-time options that will enable you to seize opportunities as they arise. You need not let another lead or sales opportunity slip away, nor settle for records with gaps and holes.

So spread the word and try a no-risk free trial that will demonstrate how list enhancement and validation services can add value to your customer data.

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