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How to Solve Your Biggest Multichannel Marketing Challenges

May 14, 2018   |   2 min read

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Multichannel MarketingNearly all marketers agree: Executing a multichannel marketing strategy is vital for their organization.

But when it comes to actually executing a multichannel strategy, the outlook is a little less rosy. Most marketers aren’t confident that their company can deliver the types of integrated, cross-channel campaigns that customers expect as they hop from channel to channel.

Can you blame them?

Multichannel marketing feels intimidating, and in many ways, presents legitimate challenges to companies big and small.

Here are three of the biggest multichannel marketing challenges and how to solve them.

Challenge #1: Creating Personalized Content

Three-quarters of customers say they prefer personalized advertisements. It’s no surprise: customers like relevant, helpful and empathetic messages.

But 27% of marketers admitted they weren’t confident they could deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.

If you don’t know who your customers are, it’s impossible to meet them with a relevant, cohesive message across platforms. But a company’s data is only part of the customer picture. Failing to fill in those knowledge gaps makes for a flimsy and weak dataset.

The key? Stronger data to feed automation tools. And marketers agree: One in five cited lack of technology and tools as a barrier to implementing multichannel marketing.

The solution: Fill in your data gaps with relevant, complete and accurate data to stitch together a more vibrant customer profile.

Challenge #2: Delivering a Seamless Experience

Demographics and purchase behavior is a strong foundation for a multichannel strategy. But multichannel hinges on delivering a consistent message across mediums, whether it’s social, mobile, email, postal or display.

That means not only creating a customer profile, but connecting that customer profile across channels to create a single customer view.

The solution: Use Identity Matching solutions and tie together a customer’s disparate IDs – such as email, mobile and postal – to understand their cross-channel behavior.

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Challenge #3: Marketing Attribution

Marketing attribution remains a major challenge for many marketers.

Only 27 percent of marketers said they were able to effectively track the channels their customers are coming from. Nine out of 10 said they struggle to seamlessly connect more than three channels across the buyer’s journey.

The solution: Use an identifier, such as an email address, as the central node of your customer profile. That central ID can help track a customer as they jump between touchpoints, creating stronger marketing attribution.

All organizations face several intimidating barriers to executing multichannel marketing. But multichannel is essential to competing for a customer’s attention across channels.

But organizations that bolster their data collection, create a single customer view and improve their marketing attribution not only stand a fighting chance – they’ll stand out and win loyalty.

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