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Revive Your Dead Email Marketing With These Tips

Oct 15, 2018   |   2 min read

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email-marketing-reviveTime for a pulse check: Is your email marketing looking a little dead?

Maybe you’re experiencing these symptoms:

Your email marketing needs some help. The good news? We can nurse it back to health.

Let’s revive your email marketing with these tips.

Clean your data

First things first: Are your emails even reaching your subscribers?

If you haven’t cleaned your email list, it could be full of toxic data, such as spam traps. Spam traps are fake email addresses that help Internet Service Providers identify potential spammers. Sending to these email addresses can harm your sender reputation, which has real consequences. Your deliverability could be affected, or your ISP could add you to a blacklist. Shutter.

Even if you aren’t hitting toxic data, you could be losing out on potential subscribers. We found that more than 8% of email addresses entered into webforms are invalid. Think about the potential subscribers – and revenue – lost.

The solution: Email Validation.

Email Validation helps you identify harmful email addresses on your list. These email addresses should be removed. In real-time, an Email Validation API can check an email address as it is entered onto a webform.

Strong Email Validation providers will also check spelling and syntax, fixing all of those fat-fingered errors and recapturing otherwise lost leads.

Grow your list

Are your signups flatlining? Let’s apply a little CPR.

Growing your email marketing list does not mean buying leads. While it is tempting, purchasing an email marketing list is very risky. These users didn’t opt in to hear from you, and the quality of leads is probably low. Plus, your email marketing reputation could be on the line if the list includes toxic data.

Here’s a real solution: Email Append.

Email Append allows you to grow your email list organically with your existing leads. If you already have a list of postal subscribers, Email Append allows you to add an email address. This opens up a new way to reach your current subscribers.

Check out these other creative ways to grow your email marketing list.

Engage subscribers with personalized content

Subscribers won’t waste their time with your content if it’s not valuable – so give them something worthwhile every time you send them an email.

Batch-and-blast email marketing is easy, but lazy and ultimately harmful. Subscribers won’t open, and certainly won’t click.

Give them something to be excited about, and personalize email marketing content to fit their needs.

For marketers, personalization has a big payoff. The DMA found that half of email marketing revenue was driven by personalized, segmented emails. And marketers with a documented personalization strategy are more likely to exceed revenue goals.


Data key to personalization. Data allows marketers to understand a customer’s behavior, as well as the context around that behavior. Marketers need to not only understand what a customer purchased, but why. Data such as demographic, lifestyle, life stage and purchase intent information can add context.

Ready to revive your email marketing program? We’re here to help. Get in touch with TowerData for a free consultation to learn how to boost your email marketing ROI with Email Validation, Email Append and Email Intelligence.

You can also get started on your own with a free test on our self-service platform, InstantData.

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