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How to Repurpose Content into Successful Email Campaigns

Jun 21, 2016   |   2 min read

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email-campaignsAccording to a 2016 report from the Content Marketing Institute, 76 percent of B2B marketers will create more content this year than they did in 2015. And for 57 percent of survey respondents, finding more and better ways to repurpose the content they create is one of the top five priorities content creators will focus on this year. Email is one of the key channels businesses can use to repurpose content that is compelling and achieve email marketing results.

Here are three steps to repurpose content such as blog posts, eBooks, infographics, and videos into powerful email marketing campaigns.

Step 1: Dig into the Data to Understand What Works

With all the content your marketing team is creating, it may be tempting to use as much of it as possible in your email campaigns. But before you boil the ocean, take a look at the content and email metrics to determine which assets have performed best.

Here are three content metrics you can examine:

Step 2: Define How the Content Will Support Your Email Efforts

Once you have an understanding of which content pieces have the most potential for email, consider how the assets can support your strategy and objectives.

Step 3: Modify the Content for Your Email Audience

The last step is updating or repurposing the assets for email. This may include modifying the messaging promoting the asset to personalize it for a specific segment or audience. Depending on your email campaign goal, you may need to create additional assets, like a landing page, to host the asset for lead generation.

You work hard to develop content that connects with and inspires your audience, so why not make the most of it? By repurposing successful content into your email campaigns, you can offer your audience more of the information they’ve already shown they love and increase the likelihood of a conversion.

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