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Rapleaf Announces Second Round of Winners for The Personalization Fund

Mar 28, 2012   |   2 min read

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We are excited to announce the 2nd round winners for the Rapleaf Personalization Fund, – a fund dedicated to supporting developers interested in creating projects built around data and personalization. The following startups are live with their Rapleaf API integration, and are now able to provide relevant content and a more personalized experience for their users. Be sure to take a look at these awesome new startups.

Congratulations to our 2nd round winners. Check out the innovative ways the following winners are using our data. Interested in applying for our next round? Applications are on a rolling basis, apply now.

AddShoppers is a next generation sharing platform built for social commerce. They increase sharing by rewarding and incentivizing social actions on eCommerce websites. Meanwhile, their social analytics measure ROI and provide deep insights including demographics, for free.

The TurnSocial Leads bar is a simple, social sign-up form that helps convert your website visitors into customers. After a visitor signs up via email or Facebook Connect, we utilize the Rapleaf API to build out a lead profile, which is delivered directly to your inbox. This personalized profile gives you instant customer insights that you can use to craft a follow up message, helping turn every new lead into a customer.

Unified Inbox helps users learn more about the people they are interacting with online. The application increases personalization via email and empowers people to collaborate with colleagues, friends and others in a more direct fashion. Unified Inbox’s integration with the Rapleaf API provides a richer “about the sender” functionality, enabling users to understand more about the person behind the email.

Bombfell is a monthly subscription for men’s clothing that enables guys to dress well, no effort or style knowledge required. Every month members receive a clothing item that’s been hand picked for their body type and style preferences in mind. Bombfell’s integration with the Rapleaf API incorporates Rapleaf’s age and occupation data to come up with individualized clothing recommendations for Bombfell members. provides a website platform that aggregates sources of movies, tv, games, and books online, using a sophisticated collaborative-filtering-based algorithmic recommendations to users based on all the information we can gather from them and facilitates new ways to socially discover content among groups of your facebook friends. Rapleaf’s age and gender data helps create content filters once a user signs in creating a more personalized experience.

NomoPay is a media monetization platform that gives consumers free access to premium digital content, in exchange for completing short-targeted surveys. NomoPay creates a new revenue stream for publishers, lowers the cost of surveys for researchers, and lets consumers bypass paywalls for premium content.

Congrats to our winners! A great group of projects started between this round and our first round of winners and we are thrilled to be able to help contribute. Stay tuned for the next round coming next quarter, and be sure to check out more info about the Rapleaf Personalization Fund. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

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