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Is It Possible to Personalize Direct Mail Like Email?

Sep 15, 2016   |   1 min read

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personalize_direct_mail_like_email.jpgDespite chatter that “snail mail” is becoming a trend of the past, marketers are still finding this channel incredibly lucrative. That’s because, while the digital space is becoming more and more crowded, the postal service is delivering fewer and fewer mailers. Less competition in your prospect’s mailbox means a greater opportunity for your brand to make an impact. There’s just one issue …

As we’ve discussed, when messages aren’t personalized for your customer, they’re often ignored. Sending the same piece of mail to every single contact in your database is just as ineffective as sending the same email to every subscriber. To grab the attention of your potential customers, the message needs to be tailored to their behaviors, demographics and expectations. But is that even possible?

It is now, thanks to our new partnership with Lob, the creator of a powerful print API that allows businesses like yours to send letters, postcards, photos and other print pieces as easily as you send emails.

By collaborating with our friends at Lob, we are extending our data-driven offerings to marketers seeking personalized mailing solutions.

Read more in our recent press release to see how to personalize direct mail like email.

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