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TowerData Talks Personalization at GroupHigh Outreach Marketing Summit

May 1, 2015   |   2 min read

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Outreach Marketing SummitEarlier this week, I enjoyed the opportunity to join my friend Erik Severinghaus, founder and CEO of SimpleRelevance, on the virtual stage of the 2015 GroupHigh Outreach Marketing Summit. If you haven’t attended this conference, I would highly recommend doing so in the future. It’s free, jam-packed with helpful presentations from some of the industry’s biggest influencers and, best of all, you can attend in you bunny slippers-because it’s completely online.

This year, Erik and I lead a session to discuss a topic near and dear to our hearts: personalization. More specifically, we broke down the various stages of personalization, and explained how you can use data to enhance your one-to-one strategy. Then, we showed viewers how two companies used data to achieve wildly successful campaigns.

You’re probably pretty bummed you missed out, right? Good news! Not only do we have a recording of our session, I’ve outlined a few of the highlights below.

The Stages of Personalization

When it comes to impacting your prospects with highly targeted messaging, it doesn’t get better than one-to-one marketing. However, you can’t achieve this feat overnight. It takes time and effort to grow a sophisticated strategy. In fact, personalization has three phases of maturity:

As Erik pointed out in the presentation, many companies are still sitting in the first phase. They’re sending the same message to everyone on their list, “batch-and-blast” style. As businesses begin acquiring and using subscriber data, though, they break down their customer list into segments (i.e. geographic location, demographics, social behavior and more.)

Of course, the true zenith of the maturity curve, and the biggest boost to your ROI, is one-to-one marketing. There’s just one concern: not everyone knows how to get there.

How to Overcome Personalization Challenges

Anytime we discuss personalization, someone inevitably asks the simple, but loaded question: “How?”

As we outlined in the session, it all goes back to data. Highly effective, one-to-one marketing requires predictive learning technology and normalized data. When you don’t have access to these resources, segmentation is the next best thing. However, even segmentation requires a certain amount of user data you may not have on hand. That’s where third party data comes in.

By gathering data from a third party provider, you can gain insight into demographics, behavioral data and other contextual information to make a better impression. This data, along with your own first party data, can help you build and flesh out your buyer personas for more sophisticated segmentation.

Be sure to check out a recording of our presentation, Supercharge Your Personalization, by registering with GroupHigh and visiting the On Demand Video section. Learn more about the most effective strategies, see how other companies are exceeding their goals with personalization and be sure to let us know what you think!

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