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What Does a Perfect Email Campaign Look Like?

Aug 31, 2016   |   0 min read

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perfect-email-campaign.jpgDespite all the intelligence and data available to us, it’s sometimes difficult for marketers to determine why one email campaign is a mega success that yields an enormous percentage of clicks, opens and conversions, while another is a dud. This is especially frustrating when you’ve put equal amounts of time, effort and other resources into both campaigns. We’ve all been there-and it’s not a great feeling.

But while it can feel like a game of luck, there is a science behind why some emails earn better results than others. Best of all, much of a campaign’s success is within your control. To help you create more effective campaigns, SalesForce Marketing Cloud did the research and put together this helpful infographic: From Header to Footer the Anatomy of a Perfect Email.

Check out this goldmine of email marketing insight below!


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