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Tailor Your Email Messages using Demographic Segmentation

Jul 24, 2020   |   1 min read

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Once you have a clean email list, marketing managers can focus their attention on the messages they’re sending. After years in the marketing industry, you know targeting all of your customers with the same message is simply wasted effort.

You know customers don’t all have the same interests, lifestyle or any other number of attributes that make them unique-so why target them all with the same message? Separating your customers into smaller subgroups enables you to send more targeted, relevant emails that can greatly ramp up response rates.

According to Mailchimp, marketers who segmented email lists experienced:

You can get started with segmentation by appending demographics to your list. Enhancing your customer database is an excellent way to identify your best customers, target retention, acquisition efforts more effectively and increase the number of touch points available to you.

You can segment your list by hundreds of variables including:

Some of this data you can collect from your customers directly, but you can accelerate the process and take advantage of more diverse segments by using a service provider to match your data to a consumer database using customers’ email addresses and/or their names and postal addresses.

In addition, some services can identify and score which email addresses are active and most likely to respond to your offer. Even better, email enhancement can be done in real-time after a prospect has registered on your website, so you can immediately serve them custom offers.

To connect with professionals who can assist with list demographic segmentation, contact TowerData today.

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