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Is There Such Thing as a One-Click Conversion?

Aug 3, 2016   |   2 min read

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one-click_conversion.jpgPeople’s attention spans seem to get shorter and shorter every year. Recent attention span statistics show the average attention span today is only 8.25 seconds, which is nearly four seconds shorter than 15 years ago. For a marketing standpoint, this means people expect to get what they want quickly and easily-especially online.

For example, if your marketing content doesn’t provide the information consumers need, they won’t hesitate to look somewhere else. Perhaps this is why 55 percent of web pages viewed receive less than 15 seconds of attention. To avoid this fate with email, marketers have been striving to streamline the email experience with one-click conversion: skipping the landing page and going straight from “Buy Now” to “Confirm Your Order”.

But how can email marketers succeed with one-click conversion? And what else can you do to better fulfill consumers’ needs for instant gratification? Here are our four tried-and-true methods:

1. Use Messaging that Emphasizes Speed and Instant Results

The internet, along with innovations like Amazon Prime Now’s same-day delivery, has trained us to expect things fast. If your business, product or service can give consumers what they want quickly, and ideally faster than competitors, make it known in your marketing campaigns.

2. Encourage Action Directly from Your Email

Give consumers what they want directly from your emails. Rather than directing people to click through to a landing page to get information they need or to take an action, turn your email into a landing page itself so viewers can take action immediately. Online retailers can essentially turn emails into a landing pages for on-demand, one-click ordering. Simply offer customers the opportunity to store their billing and shipping information-à la Amazon-for instant, hassle-free purchasing in the future.

3. Provide Easy Access to Information and Resources

Most people don’t need a salesperson to figure out what to buy. Today, customers get through 60 percent of the sales process just by reading information online. Instant access to information about your products or services is key to fulfilling consumers’ need for knowledge before they make a purchase. Give people as much product information as possible-like photos, reviews, pricing and shipping-on your website and within your emails so they feel confident enough to make a purchase quickly. Remember: the easier and faster the access to information, the faster they’re likely to buy.

4. Make Yourself Available

When people need help, they typically want it fast. This also goes for online purchases, like ordering issues or other customer service needs. If your business is able to offer instant access to help and support (like 24/7 phone or chat support), promote that in your emails, too. You may even include a “Chat Now” button directly within the email message.

The fact of the matter is, whatever you’re doing to streamline or optimize your email marketing process, you should always do it with your audience’s desire for instant gratification in mind. One-click conversions are possible, but only if you’re providing the customer with the experience that makes them feel confident in their decision.

Targeting customers with the right message at the right time, and with the right offer, is key to providing them with the instant gratification they need. Get the data you need with a free trial of InstantData.

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