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More Bang for Your Marketing Buck: Getting More Emails

Mar 20, 2013   |   1 min read

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email append bang for your buckAs an email marketer, you are already taking advantage of the benefits and efficiencies of email marketing, and chances are the results you are seeing make you want to do more. But your ability to invest in email may be limited by the size of your list, which causes many marketers to ask, how do you actually get more emails?

An email append service can open up new avenues of communications with your customers. Email append services have matured over the past few years, and through the use of advanced algorithms and in-house email databases of more than 500 million records, they have become a quick, affordable and reliable way to grow your email list by matching opt-in email addresses to your postal list.

In addition, studies have shown multichannel marketing-reaching out to customers across multiple touch points-can significantly enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by using each channel to promote the other. One of the ways to accomplish this is by adding an online component to your direct mail marketing efforts.

How email append works:

You can boost sales and reduce costs by marketing to your current customers through email. With email append, you can build your own email list using your customer files instead of renting an arbitrary list, and you’ll achieve significant list growth in a matter of days (as opposed to months with other alternatives).

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