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TowerData Empowers Marketers with Mobile Device IDs

Apr 19, 2017   |   1 min read

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Mobile Device IDsWhichever their preferred medium of choice (broadcast, print or digital), every successful marketer recognizes the need for a strong mobile strategy.

According to Atlas’ 2015 whitepaper, Behind the Buzz: People-Based Marketing Defined, 25 percent of consumers use three or more devices per day. And 40 percent switch between multiple devices to complete an activity, such as making a purchase.

In other words, brands must build a marketing strategy that leverages data to connect a user’s behavior across channels and devices. But how can marketers get the data they need to make these connections? By utilizing mobile device IDs provided by TowerData.

For over 15 years, TowerData has enabled brands to execute cross-channel marketing by matching email addresses to postal addresses via our Email Append solution. To help brands take their cross-channel marketing a step further, TowerData now offers the ability to tie a user’s email address to their mobile advertising ID (MAID).

A mobile advertising ID is an anonymous, unique identifier that allows marketers to accurately track a user’s mobile activity while still respecting their privacy. For iOS devices, this mobile ID is referred to as an Identifier for Advertising (IDFA), and for Android devices, it is a Google Advertising ID (AAID).

With an in-house database of over 100,000,000 email to MAID combinations, TowerData can match approximately 15 percent of the emails within a brand’s own database to the associated mobile device. With access to a user’s device ID, marketers can target advertisements to a user’s smartphone and better attribute cross channel behavior. For example, if a consumer clicked a brand’s ad on his or her mobile device but then completed a purchase on his or her desktop, the brand would be able to see that multiple touchpoints influenced the user’s decision.

This insight allows them to develop a more comprehensive user profile, which they can use to design more targeted, personalized marketing on the consumer’s preferred channel or channels and more accurately track effectiveness of ad spend.

Cross-channel marketing is a challenge in and of itself. But attempting to execute cross-channel campaigns with siloed or incomplete customer data makes it even more difficult. Let TowerData give you the data you need to improve the effectiveness of your cross-channel marketing campaigns.

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