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Learn the Benefits of Email Intelligence, Email Validation at ad:tech

Nov 6, 2013   |   2 min read

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adtech newyork towerdataWe’ve got tradeshow fever at TowerData! Today, we’re headed to ad:tech, our third tradeshow in three months. ad:tech is the leading digital media event where more than 9,000 marketing and technology professionals from around the world gather to network, exchange ideas and contribute to industry trends and initiatives. This conference is happening in our backyard-New York’s Javits Center-November 6-7.

During the conference, attendees can gather to hear thought-provoking spotlight presentations, attend more than 30 in-depth sessions and take a walk among 225 exhibitors. You can find Thomas Heenan, myself and a few other members of the TowerData team at booth No. 610.

At the TowerData booth, we’ll be discussing how digital marketers can skyrocket their email marketing efforts with email intelligence and email validation. Why? Because email is at the core of today’s digital marketing strategies, with email subscribers valued at 11 percent more than social media customers.

Email Intelligence and Email Validation for Digital Marketing Success

In email marketing, as with most things in life, first impressions are everything. Crafting personalized emails subscribers want to receive is the best way to make a great first impression. But how do you get the data you need to personalize emails? It’s not like you can segment subscribers when the only information you have are email addresses. This is why so many digital marketers turn to email intelligence.

Email intelligence provides comprehensive knowledge about your email addresses and the people behind them. It can tell you the identity and characteristics of the address owners, alternate points of contact for individuals and more. With email intelligence, you can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing with personalization, segmentation and multi-channel communications. (Click here to learn more.)

But knowing more about your subscribers is only half of the battle. Even the most relevant, timely and compelling emails are wasted if your subscribers never read them. And mailing to undeliverable addresses, spam traps and people who complain about your messages can cause your emails to go to the junk folder or even be blocked entirely.

Email validation is a key tool for improving the quality of your data and your email deliverability, leading to higher opens, clicks and conversions. TowerData has been providing email validation since 2002 and real-time email validation since 2005. After implementing TowerData email validation, some companies have reported a 90 percent reduction in bounce rates and a 20 percent increase in open rates. Click here to learn more about email validation.

Be sure to drop by booth No. 610 to learn more about email intelligence and email validation. Not attending ad:tech New York? No problem! Contact us today to learn how these services can skyrocket your email marketing efforts!

Photo Credit: ad:tech digital digest

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