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How Brands Earn Leads & Power Personalization With Website Visitor Identification

Feb 25, 2022   |   2 min read

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Brands spend big to drive traffic to their website – now more than ever before. Last year, digital ad spending surged by 15.9% percent, while social spending focused more on customer acquisition.

But the majority of that web traffic will evaporate. If a user fails to convert, sign up or share their information, marketers have limited resources to connect and communicate with them in a relevant way.

In turn, the user slips away, along with the time, effort and cost of attempting to acquire them.

Our Website Visitor Identification changes that.

Website Visitor Identification securely matches those anonymous users with a range of known identifiers, including a hashed email, deliverable email, postal address or demographic information. Our database can identify more than 20% of unknown users , allowing brands to recapture an extra fifth of their otherwise anonymous – and lost – prospects.

This knowledge also helps marketers deliver powerful personalization – something customers have come to not only appreciate, but demand and expect from brands.

By capturing data on a prospect’s anonymous website visit, Website Visitor Identification allows brands to:

Website Visitor Identification also has wide-reaching effects on customer retention, identity resolution and marketing attribution.

Though TowerData first launched this product less than a year ago, our early-adopting clients have already seen huge lift and are excited to continue using Website Visitor Identification in a variety of innovative ways.

One of our clients, a marketing platform, is even using Website Visitor Identification to deliver personalized web push notifications to unknown users on its digital publishing properties.

After the user enables web push notifications on one of the client’s sites, TowerData matches that user with an email hash and gender. Knowing a user’s gender allows the push notifications to be customized for men and women.

Thanks to Website Visitor Identification, our client instantly creates a more personalized experience, strengthening the user’s relationship with the digital publisher. This deep personalization is achieved securely, thanks to the encrypted email hash.

Another client, an e-commerce marketing automation platform, is using Website Visitor Identification to help their small- to mid-size e-commerce businesses connect to their anonymous web users via targeted email. The integration puts powerful marketing insights in the hands of SMBs, helping them capture more leads and compete with big-box, data-rich competition.

This is just the beginning. As we introduce new clients to Website Visitor Identification, we are excited to see how it will be used across verticals and in conjunction with our other data solutions, such as Identity Matching and Email Intelligence.

For example, a brand could pair anonymous users with a deliverable email, demographic information and purchase intent behavior, immediately triggering a personalized email offer to the user. Or, a brand could offer the option of triggering a postal campaign to their clients’ anonymous web browsers after a first visit.

The use cases are endless, but clients who harness information on their anonymous users will stand out in this crowded marketing landscape.

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