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Improving Email Deliverability: Bounce Exchange Webinar Recap

May 15, 2017   |   1 min read

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email deliverability webinarJust how important is improving email deliverability? Consider it in the same category as improving your credit score.

In February, I was invited to co-host a webinar with Bounce Exchange‘s Conversion Director Inge Konther, about this hot topic. In addition to discussing the current state of email deliverability, we discussed why brands can (and should) use data to build emails their subscribers actually want to read.

During the webinar, Inge and I also covered …

If you missed “Get Invited Into the Inbox: How Brands Can Improve Deliverability Through Behavioral Email,” watch the recording here.

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New York City-based Bounce Exchange provides behavioral automation technologies for digital marketers. It helps B2B, e-commerce, enterprise publishing, financial services, Fortune 500 and travel companies build marketing campaigns that adapt to the real-time behavior of their users.

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