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How To Retarget Visitors With Anonymous Email Retargeting

Jan 15, 2021   |   3 min read

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Not everyone fills out that form or completes a purchase on your site, and that means you don’t get to add their contact data to your CRM for future offers or communication. So how do you get these key details to communicate directly without collecting an email? Enter, email retargeting.

What is anonymous email retargeting?

As the internet becomes more personalized, marketers are looking for techniques to directly contact previously unidentified visitors on their websites. At the same time, visitors leave their email address on site less often (see decreasing email subscribers), because they don’t want to receive emails from a brand for the next hundred years.

Anonymous email retargeting gives both parties what they want. Marketers can contact website visitors, and visitors only receive a short set of emails, triggered by their shopping behavior (often including a discount or other incentive).

Why is it called anonymous email retargeting?

It refers to contacts that have not registered or purchased through your store. Therefore, their contact records do not exist in your CRM database. Hence, anonymous email retargeting

How does anonymous email retargeting work?

Anonymous email retargeting works by automatically matching unknown visitors against a database of 600+ million email addresses – all of which have opted-in to receive marketing communications from us and our partners. These shoppers are then automatically tested for deliverability and sent your email campaign.

Building a strategy for anonymous email retargeting

A successful anonymous email retargeting strategy starts with crafting a great email series.

You most likely have a 2-4 email series for your abandoned cart campaign. This is the best starting point because abandoned carts represent the highest converting segment of your traffic. These are shoppers who added items into their carts with the intent to purchase. Afterward, you can expand the campaign for abandoned product browse, abandoned category/search and abandoned site.

When building a successful strategy for noCRM email retargeting you’ll want to have a three-part series of emails. A three-part series has a 69% higher conversion rate than a single email, and you’ll want to maximize every chance to convert these folks into customers.

For each email in your series, there are three steps to a successful email campaign. We call this the OLA! method.

To ensure that people open your emails, start with the subject line. For tips, see our post entitled, How to Increase Open Rates with better Subject Lines (for Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Browse Campaigns). We shared some wonderful tips and examples of email subject lines in a previous post. You’ll want to use those tips to build subject lines for each of your emails.

Then, you’ll want to work on the email copy.

Several of the lessons from the subject line best practices can be borrowed. You’ll want to make sure these elements are included in the email copy:

What’s different about the anonymous audience?

They have never purchased from you before. Whatever incentive you offered on your site didn’t work. This is your last chance to convert them to a customer – so incentivize them! Make them excited! Now’s your chance!

How do you email your unidentified visitors?

After you’ve built your campaigns for unidentified visitors, you’re ready for launch. You’ll want a tool that’s capable of providing marketing automation for the anonymous audience. TowerData is one of the few tools capable of this type of email retargeting.

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