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How to Personalize Transactional Emails

Apr 22, 2019   |   2 min read

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Transactional EmailsTransactional emails are a fundamental part of any marketing program – whether B2B or B2C.

But even though transactional emails are often very simple, they are very powerful. For one, the open rate on a transactional email is far higher than that of other marketing emails. Transactional emails have an average open rate of 30-40%, whereas other marketing emails have an average open rate of 15-25%, according to Mailjet.

While you have your customers’ attention, wow them with personalized content.

What are transactional emails?

Transactional emails, or triggered emails, are automated emails that are sent immediately after a customer takes an action. This allows you to send customers immediate feedback. Transactional emails include post-signup emails, post-purchase emails or other emails sent after a customer signs up, visits a page or takes action.

Transactional emails are inherently a little personal because they are triggered by a purchase or other personal action. However, transactional emails are often bland – when was the last time you were excited by a post-signup email?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Here is how to personalize your transactional emails.

Know Your Customers

We’ll say it again and again: personalization lives and dies on great data. If you don’t know your customers – who they are, what they like and what they are shopping for – then it’s tough to cater content to their wants and needs.

Before you can begin personalizing, you need to collect accurate data about your customers. The good news? You can begin personalizing right on your signup forms. Ask customers a few extra questions, such as age range, gender or shopping preferences. You may also choose to make these questions optional to ensure you aren’t causing friction at sign up.

You should also supplement this customer data with additional third-party customer demographic data. This data might include household income, age, gender, marital status or presence of children.

The other good news? This third-party Email Intelligence data can be added to your customer profile in real time thanks to an API integration. When a customer signs up on your form, the data provider can instantly add more information, allowing you to instantly know your customers better.

Personalize Your Transactional Emails

Personalization will look different for every business. Why? Personalization is, well, personal. It depends on your business’s needs and goals.

For example, if you are a retailer, you might personalize your post-purchase emails with other relevant offers. You might also include photos that correspond with a customers’ age range.

Here are a few ways you might personalize your transactional emails:

Are you personalizing your transactional emails? Let us know how!

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