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How Our Team Embraces Working From Home

Apr 29, 2020   |   3 min read

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There’s something special about the dynamic of an office – collaborating together around a whiteboard, a weekly meeting with your team, or even just the quick coffee run across the street with a coworker. In-person collaboration is something we’re familiar with, but as we’ve all made the switch to working from home, we thought we’d share how the TowerData team is embracing the change.

Enjoying the (Socially Distanced) Sunshine


Mark, one of our engineers, and Katie, a member of the Sales team, take to their backyards as they keep up with client meetings and tech optimization. A little time spent outdoors helps our team refresh and recharge, just like a walk over lunchtime would in the office!

Setting Up New “Offices”


Maybe it’s your dream to get that “office with a view”. Well, who’s to say you can’t have that view when working from home? Evan from the Sales team is obviously seeking a little sunshine for his Sales calls while Alani from Accounting, set up her office to get inspired by the work of Carrie Mae Weems while she crunches numbers.


Speaking of numbers, how many monitors can you count in Jakub’s workspace? We see 5 in this engineer’s office, but we’re sure he’s got more on deck if any of the current setup is on the fritz. After all, an engineer’s work is never done (check the meme from Aldo, another engineer – sometimes memes speak louder than words).

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Spending Time with Family and Furry Friends


Aaron from Operations, and Brian from Sales know what it means to balance work and family. If they can provide excellent data solutions for clients with kids on their legs or a furry friend nearby without being too distracted, imagine what else they’re capable of!


But the family and furry friends aren’t just out on the East coast. Out West, Thomas from our Sales team is taking a little time to teach his pup to use InstantData. Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Moving and Marketing


Marketing moves fast, so Phil, from Sales and Marketing and Lizzie have to keep up! Adding a little exercise to their WFH routines should keep them adequately agile to address changing customer needs.

Indulging (Just a Little Bit)


There may never again be a time when Grant and Matt from the Sales team can indulge in the little things that make working from home so great. Whether it’s eating a chocolate bunny on a call or trading slacks for gym shorts (but keeping the dress socks), these two know you never pass on a good opportunity.

Taking a Few Risks?


We know it’s easy to get a little anxious when staying indoors, especially when your next haircut is long overdue. Taylor from Sales takes the leap by trusting her quarantine buddy to take the scissors into his own hands. It’s just a quick trim, right? …

Embracing the Urban and Suburban


You get the best of both worlds with Tom, our CEO. Some days, being “in the office” means a desk and chair with 3 screens, and other days it means keeping his laptop nearby while he gets the grill going for dinner.

At the end of the day, the place we work doesn’t matter as much as the amazing team of people getting the work done. We may be in different spaces, but we remain dedicated to providing excellent customer service now and beyond the pandemic. If you have questions about any of the TowerData services, schedule a quick call with our Sales team to learn how we can help you validate, append, and enhance your data now in preparation for the return to “business as usual”.


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