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How 3 Brands Use Emotion in Email

Jul 23, 2021   |   2 min read

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Connecting with your customers begins with knowing your customers. And brands that know their customers can make a big impact by connecting with customers in a meaningful way.

It’s all about emotional marketing, which empathizes with customers’ needs and tugs at their heartstrings to create a personalized connection. Emotions influence what customers buy, and foster brand loyalty.

Here’s how three top brands put themselves in their customers’ shoes to create an emotional connection with their buyers.



With aggregated reviews, tours and hotels from destinations around the world, TripAdvisor might be your home base for travel planning. But the platform takes hospitality to the next level with its marketing emails.

Rather than send batch-and-blast marketing emails, TripAdvisor understands what each customer is searching for – say, a few days in Reykjavik or long weekend in London. Then, it sends personalized recommendations for hotels, top attractions and restaurants. Talk about anticipating needs!



There’s nothing like a hearty laugh to brighten your day – or make your customers smile.

Using humor in marketing can be risky, but for the right brand with the right voice, it can pay off big time. Humor can be powerfully persuasive, and audiences are more likely to share funny content on social media.

Harry’s knows its customers and their sense of humor. Better yet, Harry’s has a playful brand voice and understands how to craft sayings that hit the silly sweet spot. Cue the cackling.



You probably trust just a few people with your health: your doctor, your significant other and (of course) your mom. So how does an online subscription company earn trust enough to get customers to take their vitamins.

Care/Of uses friendly branding, helpful content and strong storytelling to earn trust. New customers take a quiz to determine what vitamins might be best suited for their needs. They are then greeted with a welcome email detailing how the process works and a quality guarantee.

It’s not exactly mom’s chicken noodle soup, but Care/Of’s warm approach makes customers feel comfortable – and hopefully a little healthier.

By knowing their customers personally and defining their buyer personas, these three brands successfully employ authentic emotional marketing.

But knowing your customers begins with clean, complete and accurate data. It requires understanding your customers’ behavior, and placing that behavior in context. It means knowing customers’ whys, wheres and hows.

Ready to get started with emotional marketing? Third-party data is essential. Know your customers better today with Email Intelligence on InstantData.

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