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Why Marketers Should Pay Attention to Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Sep 19, 2017   |   0 min read

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Gender_Neutral_Pronouns_In_MarketingIn email marketing, it often comes down to semantics. Copy needs to be casual yet informative, and persuasive but not pushy. It needs to be engaging, but also personal and friendly.

That’s why our Marketing Operations Specialist, Kirsten Onsgard, wrote about pronouns for MediaPost’s Marketing Daily publication.

It may not seem obvious at first, but pronouns shape how we view ourselves and others. And in a society that’s becoming more open to gender fluidity, gender-neutral pronouns are especially timely. In fact, more than half of teenagers today know someone who prefers a gender-neutral pronoun option, such as “they” instead of “he” or “she.”

Today, “he” isn’t an appropriate pronoun for all genders, she explains. And “he or she” is a cumbersome phrase.

Instead, marketers should embrace “they” or even more nuanced pronouns such as “ze,” a gender-neutral option.

These seemingly tiny changes in semantics can make a big difference in making a customer feel welcomed by your brand.

Read the entire article here at MediaPost.

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