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Fintech Nexus Podcast Highlights:
Insights from AtData’s VP of Fraud and Data Strategy

Feb 16, 2024   |   2 min read

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My journey with AtData has been deeply intertwined with the evolution of fraud prevention and the strategic application of email data. Recently, I had the privilege of discussing my role and insights as the Head of Fraud and Data Strategy on the Fintech Nexus Podcast. Reflecting on our conversation, I’m excited to share the role AtData plays in the future of financial services, from the lens of my experiences and our collective efforts to combat fraud.

The AtData story, born from the merger of FreshAddress and TowerData in 2022, is one of rebirth and growth. With both companies bringing over 20 years of experience, our roots in email validation have expanded into a robust platform that leverages AI and machine learning to develop cutting-edge fraud prevention solutions. These changes have allowed us to leverage vast data resources and technological advancements to develop new products and features at a pace that matches the rapid evolution of the industry and of fraudsters.

Email, as I emphasize in the podcast, is the cornerstone of digital identity. It’s fascinating how a piece of information so simple, yet so pervasive, can be pivotal in understanding and mitigating fraud risks, particularly in financial services where it serves as the most critical piece of personally identifiable information (PII).

Most of us have had our email addresses for years, making email data a rich source of insights into user behavior and fraud patterns. And AtData’s reach in analyzing email data is so expansive, we process billions of signals each month. It’s a testament to our capabilities when I say that upon receiving emails for verification, 99% of the time we’ve already encountered them.

Another highlight of our conversation was the introduction of our Quality Score, a tool that assesses the engagement level of an email address — an innovation that I’m particularly proud of. Quality Score offers organizations critical insights into user engagement and potential spending habits, aiding in optimizing customer interactions by evaluating and scoring each email address in your database.

We also discussed what makes an effective fraud prevention strategy, which I believe goes beyond addressing risks — it should also facilitate new business opportunities. Balancing security and sales potential allows for a more resilient and growth-focused strategy.

Facing challenges from high-risk domains and the rise of AI, it’s clear that staying ahead in the fintech industry requires a dedication to technological innovation and data-driven strategies. Our discussion on the Fintech Nexus Podcast addresses these issues, offering listeners insight into AtData’s approach.

For those interested in the relationship between data strategy and fraud prevention, I recommend listening to the full podcast episode. The insights shared reflect not just my journey but also AtData’s commitment to equipping the financial services sector with effective tools to combat fraud.

Listen to the full episode to explore more about fraud prevention and data strategy.

About Diarmuid Thoma
For 20+ years, Diarmuid has specialized in developing fraud prevention strategies for the world’s largest companies: Facebook, Symantec, Hewlett Packard and TransUnion. In 2013, he was a founding member of Trustev, a new global fraud prevention platform that grew exponentially and was acquired by TransUnion.

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