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Find the Best Email Marketing Vendors With Fluent’s Landscape

Jul 30, 2015   |   2 min read

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Email Marketing VendorsAs a marketer, you know the marketing technology landscape looks a lot like rush hour in Manhattan. To say there are a lot of email technology providers is an understatement. Narrowing down providers to the best of the best is a full-time job but, lucky for you, Fluent Inc. has done all the legwork for you. Recently, the company released the Email Marketingscape – a visually organized chart of the top email marketing vendors within each sector.

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The Fluent Email Marketingscape

Fluent’s Email Marketing Landscape v.2 from Fluent, Inc

3 Secrets for Choosing a Vendor

There’s no getting around it: Email marketing is complicated.

In an effort to improve their users’ experience, Gmail, Yahoo and other providers are constantly restructuring their inboxes and updating their algorithms. At the same time, subscribers expect a more personalized experience and better targeted offers. As an email marketer, you work hard to offer prospects and customers enticing content that will connect them to the goods and services they want and improve your marketing ROI while also working to stay within the ever-changing rules set by the email service giants.

Working with reliable technology vendors will make your job easier, but first you need to select the right providers. Here are our three tips for choosing the best:

With so many email marketing vendors in the marketplace, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But by using the Fluent infographic and by considering these three tips, you’ll be able to select the best solution for your needs.

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