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Why Email Personalization is Essential for Transactional Emails

Oct 2, 2017   |   3 min read

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email personalization There’s no denying promotional emails tend to consume the bulk of an email marketing team’s creative energy. After all, these are the communications most often responsible for driving immediate action and bringing in a healthy ROI. And personalization takes that even further – brands that personalize promotional marketing emails earn 11 percent higher click-to-open rates and 27 percent higher unique click rates and than those that don’t use personalization, according to Experian.

In other words, a personalized promotional email can drive a massive amount of conversions in a short period of time. But while these messages are important, focusing all your email personalization efforts on promotional campaigns can be a mistake.

Transactional emails need love, too. And personalizing these sorts of messages can help kick relationships with new subscribers off on the right foot, and help keep existing customers satisfied and engaged. Frankly, if you’re not making subscribers feel special with each and every message, there’s a good chance you’re going to lose them to a competitor who does.

Why Should You Bother Personalizing Transactional Emails?

I know what you’re thinking – does a contact really care that much about a transactional email?

After all, these communications are sent after a contact has already engaged with you by subscribing to your emails, completing a purchase, signing up for a rewards program or taking some other direct action. A transactional email is just a brief confirmation of that action – so why bother putting the time and effort into personalizing it?

If you’re not personalizing these emails, then you’re right – customers will see this as nothing more than an automated confirmation and move along. But, what if you could use these emails as an opportunity to continue engaging? What if, instead of simply letting a customer know you’ve received their order, you used that email as a way to gain feedback, earn a new social follower or even drive an additional purchase?

Applying your email personalization efforts to transactional emails will help foster customer loyalty by making subscribers feel important to you. And if there’s anything consumers want, it’s to feel like a brand recognizes the value each individual customer brings to the table.

What Does Successful Email Personalization Look Like?

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that personalizing a transactional email is worth your while. But if you’re still skeptical, a great example might help sway you.

Let’s break down this purchase confirmation email from prescription glasses brand Warby Parker.


First, the email thanks the customer for stopping by the brick-and-mortar location – even going so far as to name the actual location of the store. The email shows the customer an image of the product she purchased along with the receipt.


Next, the email shows the order details – pretty standard. Most order confirmation emails would end here. But Warby Parker takes it a few steps further.


First, the brand takes this as an opportunity to ask for feedback – even providing a nice incentive. Next, they share not one, but three ways to get in touch with the brand if the customer has questions or concerns.


Finally, the email concludes with two more ways to interact: either by checking out another of the brand’s products or by engaging on Instagram – or through five other social platforms. By the end of this email, the customer has had more than ten opportunities to continue the engagement. And by starting the email with a healthy dose of personalization, it helps encourage further action.

Email personalization is a no-brainer when it comes to promotional emails. But by using these tactics within transactional emails, you can turn every communication into an opportunity to strengthen the relationship and drive further conversions.

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