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Email Appending Pays Off for the Financial Times

Mar 16, 2012   |   1 min read

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Many companies are discovering the exceptional results that can be achieved using email append services. A new case study describes how the Financial Times was able to reach more customers via email, save money, and boost its customer satisfaction and retention efforts.

Before its foray into email appending, the Financial Times had been using only postal mail to reach its customers for renewals and bill payments. Recognizing the opportunities it was missing, the company wanted to be able to contact its customer base by email as well.

In researching the subject, the Financial Times circulation team learned that email appending could provide email addresses by matching the email addresses to its existing customer postal addresses.

Further research and evaluation led the Financial Times group to TowerData because of its reputation and track record.

In setting goals for its email appending program, the Financial Times established three main priorities:

Did it meet these goals?

As the study reveals, the Financial Times was able to more than double its email circulation, from 28% to 65%, and achieve savings of $.50 per mailing, or $2.50 total per subscriber, using TowerData’s Email Append service.

How was this possible? Download the Financial Times case study to find out.

Engaging in email appending has proved to be the right decision, said Ginny Dymek, Manager of Retention Marketing for the Financial Times, who explained, “We append twice a year, and it has been extremely valuable for the company. Email gives me another method for communicating with our readers and increasing conversions. Plus, it has saved us money.”

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