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Dream Big

Dec 7, 2012   |   1 min read

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As I pull my skis out of the attic and tune them up for the trek out to the Email Insider Summit in Park City Utah tomorrow, I reflect back upon what a wild year it’s been indeed.

A year ago, I packed my truck to the brim, sold anything that didn’t fit, and headed east from San Francisco to Jackson Hole Wyoming. I’m blessed to work for Rapleaf, a company who understands that to build a great organization, you need to respect the needs of the individuals that form it. Nearly a year ago, I pulled into Park City Utah on my way to Jackson Hole, rustled through my belongings to find my sleeping bag, put the seat wayyy back as far as it could go, and settled in for a lovely night sleep on the side of I-15 North – dreaming about the powder turns I’d make the next day.

A year ago, I risked everything in pursuit of my dream – to be an entrepreneur to the fullest extent while ensuring that my passion for skiing big mountains and surfing big waves did not take a back seat.

Today, as I make preparations for my homage back to the mountains for the winter (I’ll spend a good chunk of time in Jackson Hole after Utah), I’m thinking about one thing – you need to take risks in order for extraordinary things to happen.

At Rapleaf, each and every one of us is vastly different, making our passion for helping companies personalize experiences with their customers that much more real and genuine.

It’s been an exciting ride helping companies that are passionate about creating forward thinking marketing strategies. We look forward to helping more and more organizations in the coming year create data-driven marketing programs that until now, they only dreamed of.

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