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Direct Message Lab Adds Rapleaf to Offer Enhanced Management Platform

Nov 22, 2011   |   1 min read

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Direct Message Lab is a SaaS platform that works with name brands to synchronize offline, online and social marketing. Their REACH platform provides brands with a single platform to manage all of their social media, mobile and application based activity simultaneously, while delivering data that allows brands to measure outreach and engagement. DML’s Rapleaf integration allows them to deliver a more customized and expanded set of data to their customers. With the newly integrated Rapleaf API, brands are now able to view gender and other in-depth demographic data on any user that interacts with their page or social, mobile or desktop application, giving brands the opportunity to view a more detailed profile of their users and allow for more effective strategies overall. This data will create increased opportunity for demographic-specific targeting in merchandise, marketing and advertising initiatives.

“We are excited about the partnership. With Rapleaf’s data, we are able to offer brands a more detailed, comprehensive picture of their marketing campaigns and user demographics, driving our customers overall performance and results. It is our goal to give our brands the ability to understand their customers on a very granular level. Rapleaf is a key piece of this.” says Steven Plous, CEO of Direct Message Lab.

About Direct Message Lab: Direct Message Lab provides an end-to-end social media, mobile and application management platform. Brands can create, target and deploy content to users across Facebook, Twitter, mobile and social applications all at once. For more info, visit

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