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B2B Email Validation: Testing TowerData and Our Competitors

Jul 28, 2021   |   2 min read

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TowerData B2B Email Validation Competitive Research

As a premier data service provider, we pride ourselves on our constantly tested, industry-leading solutions fueled by reliable, validated data. And while you typically see us discuss our B2C email validation testing, we perform the same extensive tests to ensure reliability and success for our B2B data.

These tests help us stand behind the verifiable results we provide our clients from both B2C and B2B email validation. But what happens when you test our B2B email validation against our competitors? Well, we did just that.

To determine which vendor wins when it comes to B2B email validation, we tested a single list of B2B email addresses across TowerData and 2 of our top competitors to see what results each email validation service provided and how they compare to one another.

The Research

As with any reliable research project, consistency is critical. Therefore, our 3 tests used the same list of B2B email addresses. This way, we could truly test the capabilities of the platforms on the exact same data in an objective manner. After running the list through each vendor’s email validation solution, here were the results:

B2B Email Validation TowerData Competitor Test

Overall, TowerData, with greater certainty, returned a Valid or Invalid result rather than Unverifiable or Unknown when compared to two direct competitors. To look at the results from a different perspective, here are the percentages of each response category:


Competitor #1

Competitor #2

















As you can see, 94% of the data processed through TowerData returned verifiable results, whereas competitors returned less than 50%. This means you can comfortably use, or dispose of, 45-55% more data processed by TowerData than processed by our major competitors.

So what do these numbers mean for your email marketing budget, and why does it make sense to invest in an email validation service that returns 94% verifiable results?

Calculate the Additional Value Created by TowerData’s B2B Email Validation Service

Confidence in your data is a key component of a healthy email marketing program, but if you’re unsure whether you have valid or invalid emails in your database, you can’t accurately predict the ROI of your efforts. Now, you’ve already put forth plenty of effort and budget to acquire the B2B emails in your database, so now it’s time to create additional value by ensuring validity. Here’s how our B2B email validation service can help with that.

To reach TowerData’s $50 minimum, you can validate 5000 email addresses at $.01 per email. Now, compared to competitors shown above, we identify and return about 30% more valid results. This means that TowerData returns a verifiable valid response on about 1,500 more records than our competitors.

Then, if you consider the average value of a B2B email to be $25, a little math shows that you can comfortably mail to an additional $37,500 worth of data than you would with our competitors. This means for every $1 spent with TowerData, you gain $750 in value.

Test our B2B Email Validation for yourself!

Since 2001 we’ve used proprietary technology including network signals as our reference point to help us provide more verifiable statuses for our email validation clients. If you’d like to learn more about our email validation service, or test it for yourself to see how we outperform the competition, click the button below to contact our team and set up your account to validate 100 email addresses for free!


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