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Are You Thankful For Your Email Database? Show it Some Love.

Nov 26, 2014   |   2 min read

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improve your email marketing with your email databaseIf your marketing strategy was a Thanksgiving table, your website would be the turkey. It’s the plat de résistance-the hub from which all customers emerge. But, just as a turkey alone would make for a bland meal, your website thrives only in the company of sweet, savory and delicious side dishes-er, marketing channels.

For example, your search engine optimization would be the stuffing because it bolsters your strategy and gives it substance. Social media, on the other hand, adds dimension and gives your brand a unique punch, much like cranberry sauce. Sweet potatoes are a traditional staple, much like your company blog.

Email marketing, though? That’s the pumpkin pie. Like an irresistible treat, your email strategy is responsible for luring your customers back to the table and giving them a sense of sweet satisfaction with each and every bite.

Hungry yet? So is your CRM. Here are a few ways you can show thanks by feeding your email database and improving your email marketing this holiday season:


From Black Friday through New Year’s, tis the season for sales, specials and plenty of dazzling email communications. You’re prepared to wow your customers with your holiday campaigns, but are you sure your messages are designed to strike a chord with all the customers on your list?

You have access to plenty of customer data, so use this information to ensure your messages make an impact. Quickly boost engagement and response rate by segmenting your lists by demographics or lifestyle. Then, customize your message for each segment.

List Cleaning

Just as we delay the inevitable Thanksgiving post-feast dish-duty until the end of the night, many companies put off cleaning lists. However, unlike spending an hour elbow-deep in messy pots and pans, cleaning your subscriber list is fast and easy.

An email list cleaning often includes correction of syntax errors and potential spam trap and honeypots identification, plus domain checks. By using a reliable email list cleaning service, you can improve your relationship with email service providers, increase deliverability and email with peace of mind.

Filter Out Inactives

Like most marketing professionals, you likely take great pride in sizeable lists and healthy analytics. High bounce rates and spam traps, though, can threaten your sender reputation and affect deliverability. So, like the jolly man in the red suit, this season you’ll need to check your list twice. By pruning out the inactives, you can improve your open rate and avoid emailing spam traps.

However, keep in mind just because a contact doesn’t interact with you doesn’t mean they’re inactive. Email activity scoring can help you determine which accounts are actually inactive and which accounts still engage with other messages. This way, you can enjoy increased response to your holiday campaigns and well into the new year.

Need help identifying inactive subscribers? Want to make sure you’re not accidentally abandoning active contacts? Try out our Email Activity Score service with a Free Email Intelligence Test!

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