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Locate and Win Back Inactive Contacts with Email Activity Score

Nov 5, 2014   |   1 min read

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EmailOpenAre you ready to re-engage dormant and inactive subscribers?

TowerData, the leading provider of email data solutions, has developed an innovative new product to help you achieve these goals so you can boost the size of your target audience and increase response. The marketing technology and data company is thrilled to announce the release of their Email Activity Score, just in time for Ad Tech New York 2014.

The Email Activity Score, now a part of TowerData’s Email Intelligence suite, combines a variety of data points, including email open activity, social media engagement, website registrations and email validation to determine the level of activeness of each individual address. Score values range from 1, a dead or abandoned address, to 5, an email address that is confirmed as active and in use.

“TowerData’s Email Activity Score is a natural extension of our validation services,” CEO Tom Burke says. “Not only can we tell you if an email is bad, but we can now also tell you when and how much an email address has been in use. This permits marketers to safely and confidently target the emails that are most likely to respond.”

The key driver of this service is TowerData’s “Email Opener Database,” which tracks 100 million email addresses that have opened an email message across TowerData’s client network in the past 90 days. The Opener Database, and the proprietary scoring process, helps companies determine which emails are most likely to respond to marketing messages as well as which ones are better left in the inactive file.

By using the Email Activity Score, marketers can successfully improve email deliverability, increase contact response rates, avoid spam traps and help achieve better list segmentation.

TowerData will be presenting the Email Activity Score at their booth at Ad Tech New York 2014, Nov. 5 – 6. Read more about this service in the Email Activity Score brochure, or try it for yourself with a free Email Intelligence Test.

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