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Add These Automated Emails to Your Email Marketing Toolbox

Dec 17, 2013   |   2 min read

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We all know automation is the key to efficient marketing. But is there more you can do to gain further value from your list? Don’t be afraid to think beyond the obvious; there may be opportunities to automate email workflows you haven’t even considered!

Take, for instance, SmartPak Equine, a national equestrian-supply retailer. SmartPak uses a whopping 40 event-triggered, lifecycle-marketing emails to keep its list engaged and active. What’s more, these automated emails are among SmartPak’s best performers, pulling higher open rates, click through rates and conversion rates than its normal emails. In fact, revenue for triggered emails averages nearly three times higher than SmartPak’s manual emails.

Or look at Hear and Play Music, a provider of music lesson products. Hear and Play started its email program in 2009 with five automated messages. Today, the company utilizes over 170 automated emails-and the results have been astonishing: a 416 percent increase in customer lifetime value, 67 percent increase in click-through rates from the best prospects, and an 18.4 percent improvement in lead-to-purchase time.

Don’t leave money on the table. Automated emails are the ticket to better list engagement, incremental revenue gains, and superior outcomes.

What Automated Emails Should You Consider?

In the 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Survey, MarketingSherpa looked at the most popular types of messages for automated emails:

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While this chart is an excellent place to start if you’re thinking about adding automated emails to your toolbox, we have a few more suggestions of our own:

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starbucks towerdata blog

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Photo Credit: Paul Evans

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