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9 Email-Related Companies To Watch In 2012

Jan 12, 2012   |   2 min read

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Based off their Email Marketing Summit, which occurred in early December of 2011, Media Post compiled a great list of Email-Related companies to watch for this upcoming year. While we are thrilled to make the list ourselves, be sure to check out the other cool companies on the rise for 2012! The following companies (including yours truly) offer services that can be integrated into your current ESP with limited or no integration.

1. 8 Seconds – A platform for the real-time optimization of subject lines and images within your email. The company’s software allows you to design the test, upload images, and provides code snippets to be dropped into your HTML before sending from your ESP. When the email is sent, the software begins analyzing the results and to identify the winning image, or images.

2. BriteVerify – This company’s tagline says it all: “The fastest, simplest, most accurate and reliable email verification service on Earth.” Place its code on your registration form and use it to get immediate confirmation that the address entered is, in fact, mailable.

3. Connection Engine – Profiling a customer list used to be an expensive and time-consuming project. Connection Engine allows you to get a clear understanding of your subscriber base simply by uploading your email list.

4. GroupVine – Surveys can be a real challenge inside of your email since forms aren’t generally supported. GroupVine has developed technology that makes it possible to both include surveys and email AND show the real-time results in the email. The user experience make this something to consider as an innovative engagement tactic.

5. LiveIntent – “The real-time ad platform for email.” LiveIntent serves both advertisers and publishers through an online trading desk where advertisers can find ad inventory in email (with several notable publishers) and publishers can sell ad space within their emails.

6. RapLeaf – OK, maybe this isn’t a new name, but this isn’t the same RapLeaf. The company has retooled itself to serve email marketers by providing access to data through an open API that can be used to personalize email marketing messages for factors such as age, gender, income, and whether or not customers are likely to be smartphone users. Of course, this is all available in real time, which is nice for targeted welcome messages.

7. RevTrax – RevTrax offers a robust online couponing engine that provides a variety of fraud protection safeguards, while supporting mobile and social media, and providing a robust reporting solution. Best thing in my mind is the option for single-use coupons that allows for a one-to-one match back to specific campaigns and to individuals in your CRM database to help improve targeting.

8. SeeWhy – According to See Why, 7 out of every 10 online shopping carts are abandoned. The company’s tools help you track and re-engage these people in real time through Email, Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps just as important, SeeWhy provides an ongoing education series on the latest trends and best practices on the topic, to help you optimize conversion and minimize the likelihood you simply train people to abandon for that coveted 10% Off coupon.

9. Windsor Circle – Email is all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time, right? Windsor Circle integrates with your ESP to create segments based on behavioral data. The company collects purchase history data, builds segments, and then uploads the data back into your ESP.

Do you think there’s one that missed the list? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

You can read the full article here. Special thanks to Morgan Stewart for his efforts in writing this post.

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